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Upfront with Pastor James, 9/14/2022

Notes from my Desk this week:

In our passage this morning, the Apostle Paul shared his fundamental strategy and common plan for reaching people with the Gospel. In v 15-20, He established the clearest and most concise statements about what we believe about Christ. A Christology in what is believed to be an early hymn that was sung.

The message of Christ will drive us to joyfully suffer, faithfully serve, and openly proclaim him--now he summarizes His fundamental strategy in the Gospel…

1. Preach Christ with appropriate Gravity.

“Him we proclaim”: to make known in public, with implication of broad dissemination, proclaim, announce. This message is not intended to stay a secret...

“warning:” to counsel about avoiding or ceasing an improper course of conduct, or direction, admonish, warn, instruct. (Neuthetic counseling.) Col 3:16

We are preaching Christ:

  • The Person and work of Christ: Coequality with the father. Is he part of the Trininty? Or is he a staged manifestation of God… Does God exist in shifting modes, or are there three persons, distinct, and yet of one substance, and one essence? If we want to know God, we go through Christ.

  • THe Pre-existing Christ. cooperative work in creation: He was the preexisting Christ. By him and for him…therefor he is the

Bad example: