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Upfront 6/1/2022

SATF Report Response: Appendix "I"

The last appendix in the actual SATF report is an appendix “H”. This “Appendix “I” could be considered a supplemental report on missing information from the Guidepost SATF report presented on May 22 to the Southern Baptist Convention. This information was curiously absent from the report and may be helpful to see its selective application.

JD Greear and the hiring of Lorrits who was involved in sexual crimes coverup

Willy Rice appears to cover for a sexual abuser in his church

Mohler and Aiken, Mark Dever supporting apparent sexual abuser after accusations were made.

Al Mohler silencing discussion of victims (Janet Mefford)

Kevin Ezell, Mike Ebert, accusations of silencing Joni Hannigan in the reporting of sexual abuse

Matt Chandler’s church appears to conceal the abuse by a staff member

Aiken, Karen Swallow Prior misuse of apparent abuse information concerning Jennifer Buck.

Pastors involved in Johnny Hunt allegations

The witnesses, who heard about the information at the time, believed someone had been sexually assaulted and reported it to no authorities?

Purpose of CBN-Oklahoma

The purpose of the Oklahoma Chapter of the Conservative Baptist Network is to unite the voices of Oklahoma Baptists to promote and preserve the biblical and conservative distinctives that have made Southern Baptists great.


  1. Educate Oklahoma Baptists on current issues that can strengthen us together, ensure biblical peace, maintain theological integrity, and prevent the destabilization of the convention because of the encroachment of both worldly philosophies and the traditions of men.

  2. Encourage leaders, pastors, churches, and lay people in holding to the supremacy, authority, inerrancy, and sufficiency of scripture and challenge its implications and application in our churches, our convention, and our culture.

  3. Develop and maintain a conservative, theologically grounded, and amicable pool of prospects that can be connected for momentum, developed in ministry, serve in our entities, act as trustees and serve on boards from our churches.

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