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Learning to Preach in the Light of the Past

1 Corinthians 10:6-11

Good examples:

In 1 Corinthians 10, Paul is working to strengthen the testimony of the Church. They should be setting the example of what victory in Christ looks like! The problems in Corinth have drained Gospel proclamation of its power. There is a race to run, a fight to win, and if you dont learn from the examples that have been given to you, you will end up losing... or you will be disqualified, and guarantee the ineffectiveness in proclaiming the Gospel - and others will lose. Winning those who have come out of idolatry, and sexual immorality calls for a deep look into the scriptures… Look at the examples that have gone before us. Good and bad, look and to learn from them.

So the lesson seems to be that although you won’t ALL fall in ALL of these areas, SOME of you will fall into SOME of these areas. Its a MESSAGE IS TO THOSE WHO ASSUME THEY ARE MATURE, AND think THEY can’t fail. Those who think they are going to “stand” at the judgement seat, and will be surprised.

WHO CAN THIS MEAN? The Lord is saying it could be you. So pay close attention.

What will you learn: All, most, Some. Last Week: The assumptions of the privileged… 1 Corinthians 10:1-5 They all had:

Learning from light of the past:

This letter, is addressing the assuming people who are preparing themselves to face the same fate as the children of Israel. Some who minimized their idolatry, some who lived immorally and thought the duplicity of their life is not problem. Some who tempted God, insulting his patience. Some who were grumblers in the face of Grace. Paul said what happened to them was instruction, so we could learn from their examples...“Example” is a word that you are going to see over and again in the NT.

The purpose of these examples is not presumed.... he gives it to us.

“that you may not desire evil as they did”: The words describe the direct impulse towards food, sexual satisfaction etc., and also desire in general. It came from a literal description of the hot coals that are at the bottom of a fire. You put the wood on those coals, and underneath the heat is building, and then the fire catches.

The goal of this is so that as a believer, you will be effective, and not disqualified for service. Its so you will be effective in winning others to Christ. No, you wont win everyone, but you can win