Virus Update for BFBC

I said Saturday—as things escalate in ways that affect our local area, we will act accordingly. From Sunday night until this moment information has escalated like a constant explosion—even if the actual virus has not. The governors state of emergency, the closing of schools statewide, and now the 15 day plan from the Whitehouse leads us to revise our action steps that were in progress, and to take steps that will mean some immediate changes in schedule. The ministry staff will finalize those plans tomorrow and I will keep you informed.Charles Spurgeon the great pastor once said, “God is too good to be unkind and He is too wise to be mistaken. And when we cannot trace His hand, we must trust His heart.” In these fear stoked days and uncertain times, let us continue to look to Christ, and although we may be forced to refrain from meeting from time to time, let us continue to be unified in Him.Blessings, Pastor James

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