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Resurrection Sunday, and Long Range Giving

Okay, here is the plan: We are are meeting on Easter! Wait you say... but the Governors order... the City Council... the President... the pastor that got arrested in Florida... oh my!!! Don't worry, as many churches are doing across the country, we will have a drive-in service on Easter! We will stay in full compliance with safety concerns unless you have more than ten people in your car (which I do not advise). Resurrection Day is the biggest day of the year for us, and we want to honor the Lord on that day, and we want to comply with the safety concerns with the virus. So, here we are. Never in a million years would I imagine I would be preaching from a rooftop on Easter...

How will this work? Yesterday I picked up a local FM transmitter from a friend who is in Christian radio. We can broadcast at least a quarter mile, and can have everyone tune in to the station that we set. Listening with your windows up is not a risk of transmission of the virus, but through your car radio we will participate together as we preach and sing from the rooftop of the small building in the East parking lot between 4th and 5th streets--facing Cherokee Avenue (Its the little building next to the activities building in that lot.)

So, we will all be directed to park in the lot in an orderly fashion, but may not correspond with the painted lines. There are parking areas in that lot, and across 4th Street, and the FLRC. All areas would have visibility of the roof. Is this crazy? Yes, but what a memory it will be. One hundred years from now people will look back at the picture of this moment in absolute amazement of the efforts we took to worship Christ.

So make plans to come early enough to be in a parking space before 11:00am. And please do not put your sweaters and Bibles in parking spaces to reserve your spot.

Long Range Planning Projects

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that the Finance Committee has halted the long range plan for construction: Let me clarify. Our motion as a church was to give sacrificially to pay off the project, and move ahead. I am personally continuing to give sacrificially toward the Long Range plan, and will do so until the economy collapses, or the effort is officially tabled by a vote of our church.

Last week, the meeting of the finance committee, was initiated by me — first concerning the immediate budget, then in concern for the long range project and its health. The timing of the meeting was deemed necessary because of the overall financial threat, and since long range project contracts were due to be signed THE NEXT DAY.  

The finance committee exercised the will of the church as made in the motion we approved as a church (i.e that financing would be secured and managed by the church administrator "under the guidance the Finance Committee"). Their involvement in this is necessary because of the relationship between long range giving, and budgeted giving.

The recommendation from the finance committee was given as a friendly recommendation to wait so that we can see the developing trend, and not paralyze the church with debt in a time when the extra giving could be impacted by economic factors surrounding the COVID-19 virus. The committee voiced concern both about stopping the project, and about continuing, and concluded that the most prudent recommendation would be to “ pause", not to “ halt” as I said in a previous post. The goal of this would be an emergency effort in good faith to observe actual giving trends in this possible economic situation. My wording may have seemed more final, and more authoritative than they intended. They also agreed that when possible the church would need to vote if the overall project was to be suspended from there.  In this unprecedented situation, i could not disagree with their opinion, and could not think of a better course of action.  

We will keep an eye on the situation, and will take church action as a whole if we need to. Otherwise, lets keep on giving and praying that God will use this whole situation for our good and for His glory. Who knows what the Lord will do?

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