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Pastor's Growing Forward Update 4/16

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

"God takes away the world, that the heart may cleave more to Him in sincerity." —Thomas Watson

Good things:

  • We are partnering with Agape Mission whose mission is to feed the hungry, hurting and homeless, on Saturdays and Mondays. We are preparing and handing out meals, then delivering meals to low income neighborhoods to share the Gospel.

  • Church members doing spontaneous good works: Buying gift cards for service industry people. Pointing to the church website. Gospel tracts.

  • Sunday school classes posting lessons online: Scott Hetrick, Jon Green, Robert Thorn, Dennis Waterman, just to name a few.

  • Many D-groups doing Zoom meetings together.

  • Georgia Pearl turning 100 years old April 17th!

  • Benevolent giving… has been generous.


Sewing masks: If you are a seamstress, or a sewist. (Go to the website to see details of donation needs. (Needs) Masks are available in the East entrance for pick up.  If you need one delivered, please call the church office. Please be patient - masks are being made as quickly as possible and dropped off at the church by our sewists daily. 

Prayer needs:

  • Nola, and George Meese - Please send notes and cards to George Meese to encourage him while his wife is in the hospital. (He can't visit her.) Call the church for his address (918-336-6172) or send your note to the church and it will be delivered for you.

  • Rodebush, Isom and Melanie, David, Eva, Ethan. A young family in our church, they have been exposed to the virus and Melanie has shown symptoms. Let's pray they will be spared any difficulty with the virus.


  • Report from Curt Gathright our church administrator: Things are low, but stable. Thankfully, many of you are faithful in your tithes and offerings. Because of that, what could be catastrophic will be a much more manageable situation. We do encourage you if you have not already... Use Push-pay (click here) for your ongoing giving. In the even t we are unable to meet in the future, this will be a great avenue for sustained and easy giving.


The Family Life and Recreation center will be closed until May 4th to cooperate with the Bartlesville city council guidelines. It will then be opened on a limited basis. A lot of this depends on the further direction of the city council, state and Federal entities dealing with the virus. It will also be affected by the status of volunteers.

Deacons Meeting:

  • There will be a Deacons meeting this Sunday to discuss provisional measures to deal with church business in times of national emergency.

Worship Meeting

  • This Sunday: Online worship at 8:30 and 11:00am. There will be sign language available on the website, and on the facebook live video.

  • Meeting online has extended to May 4th as per City Recommendations (City Ordinance No. 3525): We will be monitoring the situation and determine when services will resume in the worship center. Until then, we are all learning valuable lessons in patience.

  • Drive in Service?? The city council has clarified we are able to hold a drive in church service. The Justice Department and U.S. Attorney General has also clarified that rules that single out churches on this issue are illegal . This means that if the rules for businesses allow access, they cannot single out religious institutions and prohibit meeting. We still need to use good sense, but this is good news. We want to cooperate, protecting our neighbors, but we also want to honor the Lord and assemble. So, we are looking at the weather, and are looking at that possibility for next week. If we do a drive in service, there are several volunteer needs we will have: parking- volunteers/security, signage, sound media/video, platform needs on roof, etc... We may call on some of you for help with this.

I miss all of you, and look forward to seeing you. Keep your eyes on Jesus!

Pastor James

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