Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Thankfully, there is only one race at FBC Bartlesville!

I’m thankful to be among a church that despises racism. Any people of any ethnicities or color who have come to our church, and joined our church, or participated with our church know that our people have embraced them with open arms, and done what Jesus said when he demanded to “love your neighbor as yourself.” If there has been anything less, I have just not seen it. If you are African American we know these may be difficult times for you for various reasons. We want you to know you are welcome and loved. We don’t divide into races here... the only race here is the human race... and Christ is the one who unites us all.

I will not join the parade of apologies from grandstanding leaders who offer endless atonement in an empty attempt to quell violent, lawless, mobs and angry people for fear this mayhem may spill into their own neighborhoods. What I will say is that even though we cannot always understand what it feels like to experience some of the injustice we have seen in our country, know this, we will continue to stand with you against injustice wherever it is found. We will continue to be an advocate for the love of all peoples, and we will do what Martin Luther King, Jr. said so powerfully. He said, “You don’t overcome darkness with darkness, you overcome darkness with light.”

May we all pray for an end to people in high places stirring fear and violence. May Christ bring us all to a place of peace.

Pastor James Biesiadecki

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