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Growing Forward - Update 4/23


We are doing our drive in service this Sunday! The service will be at 10:00am, in the east parking lot and we will publish info this week to show the flow of traffic, and where the parking will be. We will use the black awning over the Cherokee entrance as the platform, and will preach over Cherokee to the parking lot as we gather. It will be yet another pandemic adventure, and will be a great time to gather.

"An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered; an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.” G.K.Chesterton


Masks - Let's give a shoutout to the Sew Giving Team: Mary Ann & Scott Hetrick, Lori Crawford, Judy Flint, Barbara Gimlin, Jan Harris, Karen Judd, Michelle Mitchell, Martha McWhorter, Sue Pittman, Vicki Rowland, Paula Whittenbach, and Kelly & Preston Willis. Becky Daniel is helping coordinate and Kristin Girard has done some deliveries. Many church members have donated supplies. Praise the Lord.

"They are perfect. I had been distributing them as I got them and delivered the last batch to public works today. Many thanks to you and your helpers these were such a wonderful gift. We’re having trouble purchasing masks and this blessing came right on time. Thank you so much! ❤️" -Laura, City of Bartlesville
Kelly and Preston Willis making masks to give away

If you would like to participate with this, see the website or call the church office for details. (Needs) Masks are available in the East entrance for pick up. If you need one delivered, please call the church office. Please be patient - masks are being made as quickly as possible and dropped off at the church by our sewists daily. 

Agape Ministry - This Saturday will be our last opportunity to distribute food and gospel from Agape ministry in Bartlesville. If you are interested in helping hand out lunches or sharing the gospel contact Darah Crouch through the church office.

Pastor James and Darah Crouch preparing volunteers at Agape Ministries last Saturday.


  • George Meese, Lisa Johnson and family -We all mourn the loss of Mrs. Nola Meese. A wife and mother, grandmother, and great friend to us all. If you want to drop off a card or note at the church we will be glad to deliver them in person.

  • Also, pray for Jerrie Brady, and daughter Dawnette. At the beginning of this pandemic, Don Brady quietly passed away. Another great man who lead faithfully in this church for so many years. If you want to send cards or notes, we will deliver to them.

  • Thanks to God for Mrs. Georgia Call. She turned 100 years old this past week, and as fit, faithful, and feisty as she seems, she has many more years ahead of her. She is quite a joy.

Celebrating the 100th birthday of Mrs. Georgia Call


Thanks for your faithfulness with your tithes and offerings! We do encourage you, if you have not already, to use Pushpay (click here) for your ongoing giving. In the event we are unable to meet in the future, this will be a great avenue for sustained and easy giving.


There are many questions you may have about us getting back together. There are considerations for social distancing, activities schedule, worship services being limited, using offering plates, disinfecting, having a coffee bar, children's church, bulletins, the Lord's supper, etc.... As we get closer to meeting, we will answer many of these questions. We will not go to extremes, and will not seriously alter the way we do church, but will try to make all reasonable efforts to be clean, and healthy, and responsible as we do so. Be sure to submit your questions here.


Pastor James

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