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Last night, the Bartlesville City Council passed an ordinance in response to the threat of the Corona Virus. This ordinance has imposed many restrictions in the city, and has made strong recommendations for us as a church. The effort for public safety has great momentum right now, and we are going to cooperate with this effort. The ordinance calls for gatherings of no more than 10 from 5:00 p.m. today until April 6th. This extends our online worship an additional week at a minimum. We will have more information about schedule and participation today and tomorrow.

I thought I would also answer several questions that have been asked:

  1. Is the church still planning on the March Madness Work Party for March 28th or is that being re-scheduled? Because the youth's OKC mission trip was cancelled, they worked here in Bartlesville and accomplished most of what we would have done.  At this point, it is cancelled.

  2. Do we have a system in place to help others with grocery shopping, ensure their needs are met, etc.?  (The concern is for the elderly and others who are alone or cannot get out, or are sick, or afraid to leave their homes.) Calls have been and are being made. We have determined needs and will continue to monitor. This week, ministers and support staff are making contact and visits to ensure that any needs are met.  

  3. Are there any efforts being made to help families that are hurting right now with school being out.  (There are two schools open for breakfast and lunch for any child, but the needs for adults are only addressed in a limited way.) We are looking at how we can partner with existing shelters/food distribution locations.  We are also making showers available at the FLRC for homeless.   

  4. What do we do about the evangelistic challenge you gave this week?  (Some of us are not wanting to have someone over, or go to someone’s house.)  If that's the case, we have a fallback plan for you.  We are making the service available on DVD.  You can simply give that dvd to your “ONE” and tell them we are all watching it together this Sunday.  Encourage them to do so. Then it will be important for you to follow up at some point. This will be your opportunity to share with them if you can't get them to your home. If you want a DVD, just call the church office.  [The service will also be available on our website and on Facebook.]

  5. What about my giving?  Believe me, it is a concern for us.  We function because of the generous tithes and offerings of our church. We are about to send out instructions on the best way for you to do this.  It has been in the making for several months, but we are going to encourage everyone that gives regularly to setup their giving through a brand new means of doing that.  Especially during this time, when we can't get together, the regular, recurring giving you do will enable us to continue to minister the gospel here in our community.  And we have no doubt that we will pull together in the Lord and watch him provide every need.  

  6. Some have asked about their Back the Badge prayer commitment and are wondering how they can get their card to their police officer.  All you need to do is drop off at the church office, or mail it to us.  We will get it where it needs to go.  

  7. What about our children on Sunday?  We can’t do everything.  This week, with the worship service, Dustin Owen is putting together a children’s activity and devotional for you and your child. You will be able to use that before or after the sermon.  

These are just some of the questions you have, if there are others, be sure to comment on facebook, email me, or call the church office.  We want to make sure all the information we have is available to you as we weather this storm together.  I will be posting additional information by the end of the day, and will do my best to keep you posted.

Weathering the storm,

Pastor James

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