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A Church Scattered but Mobilized

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

With all the bad news going on these days, we want to be sure to celebrate the good news of what's going on, too. Here are some of the good works for the week:

  • We are serving the downtown Bartlesville Fire Department station one meal a day until April 6th. We already have the volunteers lined up. We put the need out, and it filled as quickly as we put it out. (Posted on the Fire Department Facebook Page: Huge thank you to Bartlesville First Baptist Church for all the great food you have been bringing to Central Fire Station. It’s definitely saving us daily trips to the grocery store.

  • We have provided snacks to the downtown Bartlesville Police headquarters. We are giving snacks to these that are serving.

  • We are partnering with Agape Mission whose mission is to feed the hungry, hurting and homeless. On Saturdays we are providing meals for families: Feeding the hungry on Saturdays and Mondays. (If interested in volunteering, just contact the church office.)


The Family Life and Recreation center will be closed until April 30th, then opened on a limited basis. A lot of this depends on the direction of the virus, and the status of volunteers when it opens back up. (Want to volunteer? Email Darah Crouch: darah@bfbc.net)


After meeting with Barry Epperson, our chairman, and the rest of our finance committee, our treasurer Marshal Kayser, and our Administrator, Curt Gathright, this past week, the recommendation was made that we halt all long range plans for 90 days to examine the financial impact of COVID-19 on our church and giving. This will be evaluated after that period, and the next steps will be determined then. Some aspects of infrastructure are already underway, and those projects will be completed. No long term contracts have been signed yet for construction projects.


Many Sunday School classes have been collecting kits for our Nicaragua partnership. These kits will need to be turned in to the church office by April 5th in order to be shipped. Just drop them by the church office and inside the door there is a place to drop those things off.


  • This Sunday: Worship will be online as it has been for the past few weeks. You can watch the worship service live at www.mybfbc.org, and also on facebook on the FBC Bartlesville page. Be sure to like and to share the page. I do encourage those of you who can to worship together in groups of less than ten. Our fellowship together is so important, and I believe we are learning to appreciate it more as the days go by. Have someone over, watch the service and enjoy lunch together.

  • Easter: We are raising the roof at the Church on Resurrection Sunday. I will give info this Sunday and instructions for what our Easter services will look like. But for now, just be thinking about drive-in movies, and shouting from the roof tops, and you will have some idea of what is coming. Stay tuned...

  • The remainder of April: We will be monitoring the situation and determine when services will resume in the worship center. Until then, we are all learning valuable lessons in patience.

Stay tuned, and check out the podcast for this information with some commentary as you hear straight from the Pastor's Desk.


Pastor James Biesiadecki

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