We are challenging each of the kids to take part in the mission by reaching out to our local community and to the ends of the earth. Our Vacation Bible School community will be partnering with CONCERN, which is a local community outreach that provides compassionate support to individuals and families needing assistance through contributions of Christian and other religious and civic organizations. One of their greatest needs, and almost always overlooked, commodity is toilet paper. This week we will be gathering as many rolls of toilet paper as we possibly can to deliver to this local outreach. Each day remind your child to grab a roll of toilet paper before leaving the house, and we will see just of a few rolls turn into an entire wall.  (For more information on CONCERN, please feel free to visit their website, http://concernbartlesville.com/ )
The task is to not only reach those within our community, but those at the ends of the earth. While living overseas, I was given the privilege of being part of a ministry that reached out specifically to those often pushed aside in any society, the inmates of Maula Prison in Lilongwe, Malawi S.E. Africa. Grace Ministries was founded by Charles Msukwa, a Malawian who found Christ while incarcerated many years ago. After finishing a degree in Christian Ministry at a local Malawian Bible College, he has returned to reach those whom are in the midst of despair, trials, and tribulation. It was amazing to see the look on the prisoners’ faces when the hand of love was extended to them. Our Vacation Bible School will be collecting money to help these inmates afford the most basic of necessities and provisions. Our goal is to raise $600, so remind the children to consider what they can give to help support this foreign ministry.