Associate Pastor


PRINCIPAL FUNCTION: The Associate Pastor provides a shepherding function along side the Senior Pastor and assists in designing, implementing, and coordinating a comprehensive plan for discipleship


1.     Direct Planning, staffing, implementing and evaluation of comprehensive discipleship strategy

2.     Serve as associate Pastor in pastoral duties directed by the pastor.

3.     Oversee women’s and men’s ministries

4.     Serves as curriculum and resource advisor for all ministries

5.     Manages maintenance of records for discipleship

6.     Oversees enlistment, training and accountability for primary and secondary ministry areas.

7.     Serves as staff representative for committees and ministry teams as assigned by the pastor.

8.     Oversees production of communications print and electronic

9.     Coordinates budgeting for division areas

10.  Oversees all secondary ministries not otherwise assigned

11.    Assists in Pastoral care of church membership

12.   Preaches as required

13.   Implements evangelistic strategy in all discipleship areas

14.   Encourages prayer strategy in all division areas


SUPERVISIORY RESPONSIBILITIES: The Associate Pastor will be required to supervise staff as assigned. Positions that require supervision and annual performance evaluation include:

1.   Administrative Assistant to the Minister of Education

2.  Minister to Children

3.   Student, and Children’s Ministry Administrative Assistant

4.   Director of Preschool Ministries

5.   Minister to Students


QUALIFICATION FOR POSITION: Must be a professing Christian. Exhibits knowledge of the Christian education and training system and implementation process. Possesses the ability to plan, coordinate, and implement with the help of others a life span Christian discipleship curriculum. A degree in a Christian religious education from an accredited seminary or equivalent required, and at least three years’ experience or equivalent in that role. Experience in evangelism training.

NEEDED ATTRIBUTES: Verbal ability, ability to organize, expresses ideas clearly in writing. Attention to detail. Highly skilled in working with other people, and building relationships with staff, laity, and volunteers. Willingness to modify plans and behavior when necessary to meet a goal. Ability to uplift the reputation of First Baptist Church, display professional appearance and conduct and make a good impression on others.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Occasional travel is required. The Associate Pastor position is a 24/7 on- call position. Official days off are Friday Saturday. Office hours are expected to be kept in balance with non-office hours of ministry related work.

Compensation would be determined based on experience, education, and expertise.

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