Missions is the goal of discipleship.  We are in the body of Christ growing in the context of community, empowered by the spirit and sent out into the world.  This is biblical Christianity.

We are reaching the world with Gospel



Our mission starts at home.  Spreading the Gospel through our concentric circles of relationships, we seek to go to our families, friends, acquaintances, and neighbors with the life changing message of the gospel.  Our small groups are the the first level of organized effort to do this.  There are many local extensions that also give us opportunity to expand our influence through medical clines, disaster relief, and countless other ministries.



Our church has had a long standing relationship with BMDMI and the mission work that extends into the coffee regions of Nicaragua.  The village of Las Escalaras has seen thousands of patients ministered to through medical, dental, and optical treatment.  We have constructed church buildings, we have helped with wells, we have helped with agricultural help and training.  The end result - hundreds have accepted Christ through this effort, and the local churches have been strengthened. 



Serve India

We are working on possibilities from Bartlesville to India, and other parts of the world as we seek to do our part in the Great Commission.  As we have confirmed our partnership direction, more info is coming soon