LightHouse Session Outline

LightHouse sessions should follow the same general structure in every group meeting.  The content of the lessons will vary, but the overall flow of the session should keep its shape week to week.  It is an easy process to remember and follow.  After the first few sessions it will be second nature.  The 3 main pieces are GOD, WORD & MAN.  At the end of each meeting it is helpful to have a “Nuts N’ Bolts” time to talk about logistics or other housekeeping issues that pertain to the LightHouse group.  It is recommended that the group meet for 1 ½ hours per session. 

1)    God – (5-10 minutes)

Time of worship, stillness and focus on God in prayer, reading, song, etc.  This is a time to get our minds set on God and truly enter his presence as a group.  This can be done in countless ways.  We encourage creativity week to week in the GOD time of your session.  Remember, this doesn’t always have to center on music, but music can be a useful element in this beginning time of Worship.  For example, read a Psalm together as a group and have individuals briefly tell what verse stuck out to them and why.  This is an act of praise and gets our focus on God.  Play a song on the stereo to set the mood as people quietly pray by themselves.  Sing simple hymns or choruses that everyone knows, with or without instruments.  Ask individuals to say aloud traits of God, or praises from the week past, or verses of Scripture, etc.  Whatever you do, get creative and Worship God!

2)    Word – (30-40 minutes)

Time of scripture study and discussion.  The WORD time is the place where we insert the lesson, whether it is video-based or live teaching based.  The purpose of this time is DISCOVERY and DISCUSSION.  The teaching or lecture part should be present, but accompanied by group discussion and participation.  It is important to discover truths of God as a group through discussion around the passage of Scripture.  This is not intended to be another lecture.

3)    Man – (10-15 minutes)

Application of the Word and encouragement for specific obedience to the truth.  The MAN section is vital to personal transformation and growth in Christ-likeness.  It is a time to ask individuals and the group to think about, identify, and commit to applying the truth of the lesson to their lives.  Failure to do this will result in ineffective discipleship that only puffs up with more knowledge. 


*Nuts N’ Bolts – (5-10 minutes)

- Time to discuss practical things regarding the group, meeting times, responsibilities, service opportunities, etc.