Frequently Asked Questions for Hosts

What are Lighthouse groups about?

They are a  Connection Point – Part of the tri-fold vision for LightHouse community groups is that they are a point of connection for our current church membership.  These groups are designed to foster an atmosphere where Christian community happens naturally and deeply.

They are a Entry Point – Another primary function of LightHouse community groups is that they are to be an entry point for those new to our church or are outside our church.  We should view these groups as an initial entry point for unbelievers, seekers, and believers not yet connected to our church.  Homes are non-intimidating place of entry and invitation.

They are a  Launching Point – LightHouse community groups also function as a launching point for ministry.  A major emphasis on obedience and action should accompany each small group.  Each group should take on a missional mentality and seek to do good works together inside and outside the church walls.

What is the time commitment? 

Good question.  The typical community group meets for about an hour and a half each week.  The first DVD series you will walk through with your group lasts 11 weeks.  After the first series you have the freedom to continue as a host or you can decide not to continue.  We are just asking for one semester to begin with.

How do I prepare for each week? 

We will provide you with DVD based curriculum so that preparation time is very minimal.  Watch the DVD, read through the Bible passages, and look over the discussion questions prior to the group meeting.  Your job is to simply facilitate discussion around the Bible based on the questions given to you.

Can we use multiple homes? 

Yes, of course.  If others in your group are willing to open up their home as well, then you will find benefit from sharing the load.

Is there training? 

Yes.  Prior to your group launch, you will be led through a modeling process in which you participate as a group member.  Throughout the semester, you will meet occasionally with other hosts and co-hosts to gather additional training.  You will also receive a book, Leading Small Groups With Purpose, by Steve Gladen.

How do I get group members? 

You are responsible for assembling you community group.  You can invite people you know through Sunday School or other church ministries to be a part of your group.  The church office will also have a list of those interested in participating in LightHouse.

Budget and Kids?  

There is not a budget for your group.  However, the discipleship curriculum will be provided each semester.  Food and other related costs are covered by each individual group.  If you have children in your group, curriculum will also be available for them upon request.

Thank you for prayerfully considering your role as a host!  Contact: