Lighthouse home groups are established based on the biblical example in the book of Acts. The church met from House to House fellowshipping, eating and devoting themselves to prayer and Scripture. We see in the book of Acts that the home was the entry point into the church, the Body of Christ. It was a natural context in which to invite friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members. Within these Spirit filled community groups the gospel was lived out and clearly communicated to the world around them.

Our vision is to be a movement of disciples following hard after God together in community groups, passionately shining God’s light in our city and beyond.

Tommy & Lindsey Christian / Zac & Jennisue Costello
Rolling Hills Neighborhood
Contact: Lindsey Christian -- PHONE (918-876-2828)

Scott & Kristy Borders / Matt & Jill Duvall
Border’s House: South of town
Duvall House - near Jo Allyn Lowe Park
Contact: Kristy Borders — PHONE (417-549-0161 )

Dale & Cherri Johnson
Near Sooner Park
Contact: Cherri Johnson — PHONE (918-397-0834 )

Kent & Jaime Yeabower
near SE Bison Rd. and Adams Blvd.
Contact: Jaime Yeabower — PHONE (918-601-6630)


So, what is your part?  What role do you have in the life of BFBC community groups?  LightHouse only works as long as our body is dedicated to leading and participating in this exciting form of life on life discipleship.  Be a part!