Our long-range master plan is the culmination of several years of immediate work, and the collective wisdom of First Baptist Church members who have sacrificed their lives and fortunes in over one hundred and twenty-five years of service to the King of kings in Bartlesville. God has already used us to make this church what it is, and He is leading us to be a part of what He wants to do in the future.

This project represents our direction for a new era of ministry - one that will carry us into the next 40+ years of service, and that will facilitate our vision of prayer, evangelism, and discipleship resulting in sending many into harvest fields to gather sons and daughters for Christ.  It positions us to be used by God to more effectively impact the eternity of family, friends, neighbors and co-workers here and around the world.

As best we can discern, these well-thought-out plans are in line with God's will.  They call us to great faith and represent our sincere desire to passionately pursue the mission of the Gospel.  While growing forward together, may God grant us the strength to do even greater things than this.

Your pastor,

James Biesiadecki

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