Our weekly Wednesday Night program that combines the excitement of learning God's Word and His truths with the thrill of energizing activities. Each night will consist of a big group game, teaching time, reinforcement (including Bible Memory passage and small group), snack shack (Blast Bucks Store) and activities you can sign-up for. Below is a list of the activities possible for your child to pick from.

Circle 4 classes from the following list below. The Fall Wednesday Night Semester will be a total of 12 weeks September through December. Each student will be a part of 3 classes each lasting 4 weeks (3 sessions). Parents, please go through the classes below with your child before submitting your paper. 

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Child's Name
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Parents in is important that we are teaching the children to follow through with their commitments. By signing below you are acknowledging that once your child has been assigned a class they cannot be changed to another class. Parents please add your name below before submitting your form.

Please fill the form out the form for each of your children participating in Engage.

Thanks so much parents!