Fall Engage

During the school year we offer a variety of opportunities for the Kids to stay Engaged in their faith and connected to the skills and talents God has entrusted to their care. Our Fall Semester begins in September and provides a chance for the kids to choose a class that best relates to their interests (ex. Cooking, Sign Language, even Lego Stop Animation) After Christmas Break, we kick off our spring Children’s Musical.  (September – December K – 5th grade 6:00 – 7:15) Classes, pics and description to be added later) 

Childrens' Musical 

Kids Musical (January – May ) Last year’s Musical “Spend Awhile on the Nile” took the kids down a journey of Ancient Egypt and a discovery of what God’s Word revealed about those who faithfully followed Him. It was an exciting event as the kids got to showcase their talents on a night set aside just for them. This year we will also be adding a special class in conjunction with the musical called “Faith Like a Child” that incorporates video production and heart challenging questions. Come and be a part of this exciting time, this upcoming Spring.


·         SOFA’S (Summer of Fun Activity) K -5th Grade 6:00 – 7:15 Over the Summer Months of June – August our kids get a chance to learn about Christ in new exciting ways. We will have a themed night each week including swimming, baseball, drama, soccer, racing, and many others. As the business of the summer takes its course you will have a place here to plug-in.