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Class Dates: January 23 - March 13

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Forgotten Foundations

Teacher: Gentry Sutton | Room 322| Cost: None
The Christian community often sees ‘pendulum swings’ about certain Christian doctrines and ideas. That is, when a certain doctrine or idea is abused or mishandled out of impassioned commitment to it, the body of Christ sometimes over-corrects by abandoning that doctrine or idea altogether—or at least not talking about it. At other times, the Church downplays certain ideas because cultural disapproval of those ideas seems overwhelming. This study will serve as a reminder of some fundamental biblical truths that have tremendous implications on the way we live, both individually and corporately as the body of Christ.”

The Case For Christ

Teacher: Mark Smith | Room 321| Cost: None
We will examine the evidence for our faith in Christ by looking at such things as the reliability of Scripture and other witnesses to the Person of Jesus Christ as well as the various historical and scientific facts surrounding the life, death and resurrection of Christ.

Prayer Practicum

Teacher: Pastor James Biesiadecki| Worship Center | Cost: None
A practical guide to prayer in closet, cluster, and corporate prayer practices. 20% instruction, 80% prayer.

Getting the Most Out of Your Bible (Women Only)

Teacher: Brandi Biesiadecki | Room 320 | Cost: None
Ever feel intimated on how to read your Bible? Or would you like some practical, hands on study with other women? Join Brandi to learn useful, practical bible study techniques, information on translations, and history of the Bible.

Introducing Celebrate Recovery

Teacher: Roy Gaines | Room 323 | Cost: $5
Are there things in your life that are keeping you from being the person that God wants you to be? Possibly hurts, habits, or hang ups such as worry, anger, fear, resentment, pornography, grief, abuse, or many more? Join us as we learn how only through the grace and power of Jesus Christ can these be overcome. You will experience an abbreviated form of Celebrate Recovery that will bring you into a relationship with Christ that you have never experienced. I challenge you to forget about the misconception that Celebrate Recovery is just for drug addicts and alcoholics. Three years ago ten of your fellow BFBC church members began looking at the materials and within a short time every one of them had the same opinion: “this is not just for addicts, this is for me”. You too can have that same life changing experience. Make the commitment to surrender ALL of your life to the care of Jesus Christ.

Financial Peace University

Teacher: Curt Gathright | Room 325 | Cost: $100
* Note: this class starts Jan. 16. The class is free, but you will need to purchase the materials at the link below.
On January 16th, I’m beginning a new 9-week session of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. We’ll meet on Wednesdays at 6pm. I’d love for you to attend and find out what God says about our finances and how we can learn to live and give like no one else. We’ll discuss getting out of debt, budgeting, savings, retirement, investments, and insurance. The class itself is free, but purchase of the materials is required. Please go to https://fpu.com/1077648 to register and order materials.

The Joy of Sharing Jesus

Teacher: Greg Graham | Room 324 | Cost: $5
Jesus told us to simply go into all the world and be his witnesses. Sometimes we over complicate sharing the good news of Jesus. At the core, we are called to tell what we have seen, heard, read and experienced. That is what a witness does…they tell the story! In their heart of hearts every believer wants to confidently share the story of Jesus. Come and be encouraged in this sacred rite, the privilege of sharing the gospel of Jesus with a broken world. Greg Graham will lead us through proven and effective ways of engaging people all around us with the message of eternal and abundant life. Don’t let this class pass you by…you will be glad you didn’t.