Special Church Conference

So often when Satan means something for evil, God can turn it around and use it for good.  This may be the case with the current issues in the Southern Baptist Convention, and the many issues plaguing the North American Mission Board. These issues have led many churches in the convention to stop giving, and many churches banding together to give collective pushback.

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Action on Easter Offering This Sunday


The problems

Read this article to understand some of the issues:

We desire transparent, unfiltered answers to our questions. There may be misunderstanding, or we simply disagree with the direction of the Mission board. Until answers become clear, there are many in our church who have voiced concern, and some have even stopped financially supporting our own church. 

Is there a greater purpose here?

We are recommending redirecting the offering funds from the North American Mission Board to a self supported church planting and revitalization fund. Our ultimate goal is to reinitiate our giving through the Annie Armstrong Mission offering, this all depends on how the board deals with these issues and answers our questions.


As I have heard the heart of our committees, it dawned on me that this may be the moment to watch God rattle dry bones, and put flesh on the vision that He has placed on our church for Church planing and revitalization. This is after all the heart of Annie Armstrong, and our Easter offerings of the past. Currently, NAMB has a 67 Million dollar budget and is sitting on over 220 million dollars in cash assets.  Our offering is usually between fifteen and thirty thousand dollars.  So, since the questions are many and the need for funding for NAMB is not critical, The Convention Relations Committee, the Missions Committee, and the Pastor feel that our Easter offering would best honor the Lord, and meet our collective objective for 2021 by taking this action.


The motion this Sunday will be to replace the “Annie Armstrong Offering”, with the “Easter Offering for Church planting and revitalization” for this year.  It will begin a church planting and revitalization fund to be followed by a recommendation to initiate a committee to establish a Great Commission training Center at First Baptist Church in the near future.  

Prayerfully read through the article I have presented above, and the motion below so you will be clear on what we are doing. Ask any questions you have about the issue, as I will speak to it Wednesday night at the FLRC at 6pm. Then, next Sunday at the end of both morning services we will vote on this in a special called church conference.     


The Motion

“In light of the many questions concerning the stewardship and the maintaining of biblical, conservative ideals, and further considering the perceived lack of transparency in dollars and decisions and the resulting disconnect between NAMB and the average Southern Baptist Church,

“We the Convention Relations Committee, the Missions Committee, and the Pastor recommend the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering be replaced for 2021 with a designated giving line item set up to receive those funds and reflect that theme for the purpose of training, equipping, and supporting full and part-time vocational ministers and missionaries and the planting of and revitalizing of biblically sound, conservative, Baptist churches in Oklahoma, and across the United States. This decision to be re-evaluated for 2022.”


If you have questions, please email me, at, or call me through the church office.   May God direct us to expect great things, and attempt great things for God,

Pastor James Biesiadecki

Convention Engagement Committee: Lucas Nettles, Herb Stevens, Eddie Adams, Francine Perry, Marci Piper, Kevin Dray; Mission Committee: David Douglas, Bill Fessler, Kenna Gathright, Jon Green, Mark Jones, Eugene Kleiwer