Dear 5 for 15 participants,

Thank you so much for being willing to partner with us and explore what discipleship can look like in each of our families using our 5 for 15 Cards. Remember 5 for 15 is designed with everyone in mind and it is our desire that members of the family can grow in their love for Christ and also develop a heart for others. Prayer, Bible Reading, and even our time of fellowship can be a transformative time in your life as you allow God to mold and shape you into a vessel that He desires for His Kingdom. This is why discipleship is so important in our homes, with each new day we grow closer to the image of Christ.

Our discipleship program is quite simple, five days a week for fifteen minutes (5 for 15). Each day will include three disciplines; fellowship, Bible, and prayer, in growing closer to Christ and our families. Fellowship (Hebrew 10: 24 -25; Romans 12: 4- 5; Psalm 133: 1) builds unity among your family or group. Bible (Hebrews 4:12; II Timothy 3:16-17; Psalm 119: 105; James 1:22) is more than simply reading the passages but also allowing the very heart of God to touch, transform, reform, and solidify our hearts in the understanding of His great love and care. Prayer (Colossians 4:10; Jeremiah 29:12; Matthew 18:20) touches the heart of God. This communication is a gift from God, and enables us to witness the intimacy, power, and passion of our Savior in our lives and in our families.

Each day you will work through these cards in order, please take special care to write notes, thoughts, suggestions, opinions, critique, and encouragement for us to build upon and to reflect on during the survey. We want this to be something that not only your family has access to but hundreds of other families. Our desire is to see the Holy Spirit work in a mighty way, but we need your feedback in order to effectively reach every member of every family, regardless of age, location, income, or culture. God continues to bless the Children’s Ministry of First Baptist Church Bartlesville, Oklahoma and we pray that God will enrich your family as you disciple one another. “5 for 15: bringing discipleship back home”.  

Thank you so much,

Scott Borders (Minister to Children First Baptist Church Bartlesville, OK)  

Lindsey Christian (5 for 15 team)

Amy Tackett (5 for 15 team)


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Thank you so much for participating in our test and survey. We pray that it has been beneficial to the growth of your family and a resource for you in the future.