Prayer Partner Instructions

Partnership is a powerful thing.  WE are so excited that you are a part of this movement in our church.  This page will give you instructions on what to do for your prayer time.  

On the "prayer page" located on the left, you will find countless resources on things to pray for that pertain to our church, our nation, mission work etc... Each block gives the most recent requests first.  If you would like to go through all the requests of that area, you can simply click on the button at the bottom of that section, and you will find plenty of things to pray for.  Here are some suggested formats you can use for your time:

One hour Block

  1. Immediate Needs - 15 Minutes
  2. International Missions - 15 minutes
  3. North American Missions - 15 minutes
  4. Ministry at BFBC - 15 minutes

One Hour Block

  1. Immediate Needs - 30 Minutes
  2. BFBC Ministry - 30 Minutes

One Hour Block

  1. Immediate Needs - 20 Minutes
  2. International Missions - 20 Minutes

Decide for yourself where your time will be best spent.  If you want to send a prayer-gram to those with immediate needs, you simply click on the "prayer-gram" tab on the side, and the church office will mail those to the appropriate people.