New Day Master Plan


Dear Church Family,
We have in the pages of this report the culmination of three years of immediate work and one hundred and twenty-five years of service to the King of Kings.  The proposals we are looking at are not merely the plans of a handful of people, or merely the fantasies of an ambitious pastor. They are the collective wisdom of unnumbered people living and dead who have given their lives to the sacred effort we call First Baptist Church.   

These ideas have been assembled through input from our church, from the ministry staff, and sifted through the hearts and minds of a powerfully balanced and well represented committee. Further, it is the expression of a dream of God's people who long to be part of a body of Christ. A people who not only thirsts for an awakening of God’s church but out of hearts ready and willing to be used by God’s hand to make it so.   

What we face with this proposal is the direction for a new era of ministry--one that will carry us into the next forty years of service and facilitate the mechanizing of our spiritual forces for the days ahead. I hope you will consider these studies not as a simple plan for expansion of our buildings, but for the direction of a new day; a call for commitment to a new level, and a pursuit of God that will end with His ultimate commendation for us when we stand before His throne.   

I believe it was Theodore Roosevelt who once said, “Men are not oysters.”  The pearls of our life will not be generated by sitting still, but will be borne of great faith, great works, and great sacrifice, all inspired and empowered by our great God.  Our goal is simple but filled with this faith. It is balanced for all age groups.  It is practical and on a scale we have yet to see.  It is a plan that encompasses the needs of our immediate body and practically engages us in an evangelistic disposition to ensure that the Gospel focus of perpetual growth never finds an end among us.   

In my own limited and humble estimate, the plans are right, have been well thought out, call us to great faith, and although still imperfect, these plans represent our desire to follow hard after God even beyond the moment when our work on this earth is finished.  May we prayerfully count the cost, as we consider this direction together, and may God grant us strength to do even greater things than this. 
Your Pastor, 


James Biesiadecki

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