With all the changes happening in the life of our Children’s ministry, we need a little information from you to facilitate a strong and healthy ministry. I would like to encourage all adults involved with BFBC (whether you have children or not) to take just a few seconds and fill out this survey in order to help us better plan and facilitate pre-teen and parent leadership opportunities this coming year, especially as our new 5th & 6th grade ministry, “The Bridge” kicks off this fall+. 

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Please choose one or more of the following options that you feel would be the best way for you to assist in the development and growth of our Children's Ministry? *

(+Our new 5th & 6th grade ministry, “The Bridge” will be occasionally asked to perform skits, lead small group discussions, lead worship, etc… during kids church on Sunday Morning and the completion of this survey helps us better schedule those pre-teen leadership opportunities.)