Children's Church & Kid's Church 

Sunday morning is not only an important time of worship for our adults, but also for the children. Our format is a little different however, and our fast paced exciting time of glorifying God is sure to leave you charged up and ready to serve the Lord. It is our time in Kids Church where we learn the greatness of God’s glory, His amazing gift of love, and the call Christ has placed upon our lives to be an example to others and be the voice by which Jesus’ message is spread. On Sunday morning it is not uncommon to see hands raised, feet moving, and hearts pouring out in praise to our one and only Savior. Come join us as look over the Word of God and hear its message in a way that makes sense to a kid. Worship begins at 10:30 immediately following the Sunday school hour. 

New changes being implemented:

This August we will also begin the first of many new phases to help us reach each children during our Kids Church, Sunday Morning Worship time. Traditionally, all the parents have been asked to keep their child in the Worship Center during the service on the last Sunday of each month. Starting in August, we will be holding a special service for K-2nd grade on these end of the month Sundays, unless specifically stated.  Our older students, grades 3rd-5th, will still be asked to join their parents in “Big Church” on the last Sunday of each month.  This will be another opportunity for us to reach out individually to your child and encourage a passion for Jesus in their heart.
Beginning in October we will initiate a divided Church between K – 2nd (Children's Church) and 3rd – 5th (Kid's Church), more details to come…